Take Greece in Style: How to Plan Luxury Greece Holidays


Greece is a wonderful place to take a vacation, with beautiful oceans and stunning landscapes. There are many great cities to explore in the country. With Luxuryvillaschania, you can find the perfect luxury villa to stay in. Of course, it takes a lot of research and preparation to get the perfect Greek vacation, but in the end it is worth it. Having the perfect luxury experience is within your fingertips, if you follow these few steps.

Luxury Greece Holidays

Choose the perfect location for your trip


From Athens to Crete, Greece offers a variety of beautiful architecture and activities to do. Greece has a perfect mix of history and modernity, with a rich cultural past mingled in with modern buildings and commodities. So, while being in the lap of luxury, Greece offers astounding glimpses into the past.


Decide what type of vacation you want to embark on

If you are planning on having a romantic holiday, after a wedding or for an anniversary, this will change the types of locations you go to. If you’re more family-oriented, looking for hotels or villas that are better accommodating towards groups would be your best bet. It’s also important to note that not all locations in Greece have beaches. The amount of time you want to go on the vacation is extremely important. This will determine the price and locations you are able to go. Whether it’s a week or a month, the commodities and activities you are able to do will vary. If you are looking for a short adventure, choosing a location that has plenty of activities for you, like horseback riding or boating.


Hotel, villa or Airbnb?


Another important thing to note when planning your perfect Greek Luxury vacation is the type of accommodation you’d like to have. Would you prefer something more secluded, just for you and your spouse? Or do you want an environment where you can meet new people and do group activities? If you have a few locations chosen but don’t know which to decide, looking at the amenities of the locations can help you make a decision. Make note of the things you want above all in your luxury experience, whether it is a restaurant in the hotel or a spa for relaxation.

Luxury Greece Holidays in a villa in Crete


Where you’ll fly to


Proximity to the airport is important, because that will determine how noisy it will be around your location. If you want a quieter, more private area, the luxury suites farther from the airport will be better for you. But, if you want to be closer to the hub of activities, something closer to the airport might be your best bet.


Star quality

When planning your vacation, the status of the hotels or places you’re staying in is important. Looking at the star rating of your luxury location brings insight of how the staff works and what other customers though about their experience. The star ratings, of course, aren’t the only thing you should look at when planning your luxury Greece holidays, but they are a good indicator of quality.


Luxuryvillaschania can help you plan the trip of a lifetime to Greece where you’ll stay in some of the most deluxe accommodations available. Get in touch here today to begin your journey!


Find more about Greece and its luxury holidays here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Greece 

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